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Attractive Appearance Intelligent Street Lighting Professional Version II

Minimum Order Quantity : 100 Price : ≥38025 CNY (Negotiable, depends on the additional functions required by clients)
Packaging Details : Carton Packaging Delivery Time : 10-15 days
Payment Terms : T/T Supply Ability : 2000 per day (based on the number of the order)
Place of Origin: Changsha, Hunan Brand Name: Willfar Information Techonology Co., Ltd.
Certification: Q/GDW 1376.1-2013, Q/GDW 1376.3-2013, Q/GDW1376.2-2013, DL/T645-2007, Model Number: 100~150W 10-meter Intelligent Street Lighting

Detail Information

Color: Multiple Choices Of Color Material: Q235
Brand: Willfar Information Place Of Origin: Changsha Hunan
Input Voltage: 176V AC~264V AC Input Frequency: 47Hz~63 Hz
Modulation System: OFDM Output Voltage: 220V AC
Level Of Protection: IP65 No. Of Light Bulb: 4
High Light:

smart city street lighting


smart street lamps

Product Description

Intelligent Street Lighting Management System Professional Version II


Company Profile

Willfar Information Technology Co., Ltd.

- Established in 2004;
- Listed on the STAR Market of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in December 2019;
- Leading supplier of meter reading (AMI) equipment and operation service;
- The first company to develop "One DCU Reading Multi-meter" solution in China;
- The first company to have large-scale application of technologies and systems like "CPU smart-card Charge and Control", "One DCU Reading Multi-meter", LoRa-based RF Communication and "District Metering Area (DMA)”




1. Intelligent Street Lighting Management System Professional Version II adopted the Crown as element of design, meaning victory and glory, the Professional Version II is integrated with smart lighting, traffic camera, facial recognition surveillance camera, traffic light and road signs.
2. Various other smart city devices can also be integrated into the smart street light on demand, such as 4G/5G base stations, RSUs for smart parking and V2X applications, EV charging stations, digital billboards, environment monitoring, etc..
3. Optical fiber high speed communication and large capacity power supply infrastructures can also be put in place together with the smart street light network to serve as the fundation for future smart city solutions.
4. Customized appearance and application design available on demand.


Attractive Appearance Intelligent Street Lighting  Professional Version II 0

Attractive Appearance Intelligent Street Lighting  Professional Version II 1

Technical Parameters


Lighting rod body Material Q235 material
LED Height 6 meters
Surface processing tech hot-dip galvanized spray molding, including bottom base
Luminous effect 140lm/W
Single-capped lamp controller Color temperature 4000k, 40W-60W. Single Bulb
Operating temperature -25 ~ 75
Coupling voltage (input voltage) 176V AC~264V AC
Input frequency 47Hz~63 Hz
Modulation System OFDM
Communication frequency 2~12MHz
Communication rate 2 Mbps~10Mbps
Output voltage 220VAC
Maximum output power 1000W
Maximum output current 5A
Standby power consumption ≤ 2.5W
Dimming output PWM (12Vmax)
Electricity metering accuracy 98%
Voltage and current measurement accuracy 98%
Level of protection (case) IP65
Data storage >10 years
Size 112mmx68mmx40mm
Concentrator unit Reference voltage 3mm 220V / 380V (three-phase four-wire)
Voltage line power consumption apparent power ≤ 15VA, active power ≤ 10W
Current line power consumption ≤ 0.5VA
Power outage meter reading battery voltage 4.8~5.6VDC
Normal operating temperature -25C~55C
Uplink communication 1) The communication protocol between the master station and the collection terminal confirms to the Q/GDW 1376.1-2013. The communication between the concentrator and the master station also conforms to the communication protocol of the power user information collection system Q/GDW 1376.1-2013.

2) The concentrator and the remote communication module conform to the communication protocol Q/GDW 1376.1-2013.
Downlink communication 1) Concentrator and local communication module conform to Q/GDW1376.2-2013.

2) The communication between the local communication module and the collected equipment conforms to the DL/T645-2007 multi-function watt-hour meter communication protocol.
Panel display 160*160 Lattice Monochromatic LCD, diode backlight
Data transmission the uplink channel is equipped with GPRS module, and the downlink channel is broadband carrier wave module
Local transmission interface 1-way maintenance RS232 maintenance serial port, 2-way RS485, 1-way USB, 1-way modulated infrared
Data storage capacity ≥ 64MB
Storage duration when power outage ≥ 10 yrs
Clock accuracy (daily error) ≤ 0.5s/d (when 0C~+40C: ±2ppm, when 40C~+85C: ±3.5ppm)




Excellent compatibility for different national or international standard




1. LED

  • 3~5-year service life, reduce the cost for maintenance and replacement.
  • Comparatively, LED could save 80% energy compared to incandescent light, save 50% compared to fluorescent lamp, and save 70% compared to HPSL (high pressure sodium lamp).
  • Semiconductor material, ALL parts can be recycled.
  • Visual-friendly.
  • Closer to natural daylight.
  • As a solid light source, LED has outstanding performance in shake-resistance, not easy damaged.
  • Can be connected to an external battery, working voltage is 85~265V AC, the voltage fluctuation would not affect its performance and service life.
  • -40 ℃~+60 ℃ working temperature
  • Power could be adjusted, provides possibilities for future expansion on intellectualized functions.

Types for different occasions:

  1. Street Light
  2. Tunnel Light
  3. Flood Light

Types driven by different energy source (can be mixed type):

  1. Electricity driven
  2. Wind power driven
  3. Solar panel driven

2. Concentrator Unit:

  • Data collection: data acquisition of watt-hour meter, state quantity collection (reservation), data acquisition of street lighting controller.
  • Data storage and management: real-time and current data, historical data, watt-hour meters, street lighting controllers and other equipment operating status monitoring.
  • Parameter setting and tracing: management policy settings and tracing, terminal parameters, street lighting controllers, summary table parameter, calling for clock and timing.
  • Controlling: local control (according to management policy setting/local command), remote control (command issued by master station)
  • Event recording: important event record, general event record.
  • Data transmission: communication with master station, street lighting controller, watt-hour meter, and user data interface.
  • Local function: displays relevant information, respond to human-computer interactive input, user data interface
  • Smart maintenance unit: Self-examining and self-recovery, remote terminal initialization, software remote upgrade.


3. Single-capped Lamp Controller:

  • Controlling Function: through the voltage output of the power line carrier wave adjustment controller 0~10V, and the PWM duty cycle output, the dimming range is 0%~100%, the electrodeless dimming is less than 2%, and the adjustment accuracy is less than 2%.
  • Measuring Function: built-in electric energy measurement function, the measurement accuracy can reach 2%
  • Monitoring Function: each lamp can be monitored remotely, and the voltage, current, power, power factor and working status of the street lighting can be monitored at any time.
  • Alarming Function: the running status of the controller can be reported in real time through the power line carrier, including overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, abnormal lamps and lanterns, etc. At the same time with anti-theft of electricity, cable anti-theft and other functions.
  • Parameter Setting: parameter setting and maintenance can be done remotely.
  • Protection Function: equipment will automatically alarm and shut down when the temperature is too high, or the power is too high, or the voltage is too high or too low. When the temperature is too low and the output circuit is open, it will alarm until the fault is removed.




Intercity highway, urban road, rural road,tunnel, culvert, road intersection, large square, open space required strong lighting.


Customized design (on demand)


Attractive Appearance Intelligent Street Lighting  Professional Version II 2

Cases of application


Attractive Appearance Intelligent Street Lighting  Professional Version II 3

Attractive Appearance Intelligent Street Lighting  Professional Version II 4


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