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AMI BPLC Communication Module For Single Phase Meter Power Line DC2-PSZ1

Minimum Order Quantity : 100 Price : Negotiable
Packaging Details : Carton Packaging Delivery Time : 30 days
Payment Terms : T/T Supply Ability : 2000 per day (based on the number of the order)
Place of Origin: Changsha, Hunan Brand Name: Willfar Information Techonology Co., Ltd.
Certification: BPLC Model Number: DC2-PSZ1

Detail Information

Color: Grey Brand: Willfar Information
Place Of Origin: Changsha Hunan Communication Mode: BPLC
Application: Single Phase Meter Nominal Voltage: +9V~+23V
Limit Operating Temperature: -45 °C ~ + 70 °C Level Of Protection: IPv6
High Light:

4g module


wireless networking module

Product Description

AMI BPLC Communication Module for Single Phase Meter Power Line DC2-PSZ1


Company Profile

Willfar Information Technology Co., Ltd.

- Established in 2004;
- Listed on the STAR Market of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in December 2019;
- Leading supplier of meter reading (AMI) equipment and operation service;
- The first company to develop "One DCU Reading Multi-meter" solution in China;
- The first company to have large-scale application of technologies and systems like "CPU smart-card Charge and Control", "One DCU Reading Multi-meter", LoRa-based RF Communication and "District Metering Area (DMA)”




- BPLC is a technical with OFDM which is high speed and robust. With the sensitive signal detection and sophisticated digital filtering technique.

- It is PLC communication that is highly immune to electrical noise and interference.

- It gets data from meter via UART, and transmits it to data concentrator through power line.

- DC2-PSZ1​ is the communication module that is adopted to Single Phase Electric Meter.

AMI BPLC Communication Module For Single Phase Meter Power Line DC2-PSZ1 0

















Technical Parameter


Item Parameter
Nominal Voltage +9V~+23V
Carrier Coupled Voltage AC 220V±20%
Static Power

<1W (Mater Module)

<0.4W (Slave Module)

Dynamic Power

<6W(Mater Module)

<1.5W(Slave Module)


Frequency: 0.7MHz~12MHz

Modulation mode: OFDM

4 working frequency bands can be configured: (1) 1.953MHz-11.96MHz,

(2) 2.441MHz-5.615MHz,

(3) 0.781MHz-2.93Mhz,

(4) 1.758Mhz-2.93MHz)

UART Interface

Baud rate: 9600bps,

Data bits: 8,

Parity: NONE,

Stop bits: 1

Carrier Communication Rate

10Mbps(PHY rate)

>1 Mbps(Application rate)

Module Type

- Concentrator Master Module,

- Meter/repeater slave module

Master Management Capacity Maximum 1015 slave nodes
Maximum Relay Depth 16
Limit Operating Temperature -45 °C ~ + 70 °C
Relative Humidity ≤95%, non-condensing
Ingress Protection IP51
Insulation Protection Class II
Withstanding Long-term Over-voltage Capability Phase and neutral lines can withstand 420V overvoltage≥6 hours
MTBF ≥7.6×10000h
Lifespan 15 years





1. DL/T 698.31-2010, part3-1;

2. DL/T 698.35-2010, part3-5;

3. Q/GDW 1374.2-2013, part 2, part 3;

4. Q/GDW 1375.2-2013, part 2;

5. Q/GDW 1375.3-2013, part 3;

6. Q/GDW 1379.3-2013, part 3;

7. Q/GDW 1379.4-2013, part 4.




1. High communication speed, high real-time data collection

Data collection for a typical station 300 meter node takes only 3 minutes; real-time performance is effectively guaranteed, providing a basis for Station line loss assessment, Step tariff execution, remote load control, and remote time synchronization.


2. Multi-subcarrier communication, strong anti-interference ability

The noise of the power distribution line is usually in the frequency range of several hundred KHz. The BPLC operating bandwidth is 0.7 ~ 12MHz. The four frequency bands can be configured to stay away from the noise frequency band and avoid the main noise interference. Within the working bandwidth, there are multiple independent orthogonal subcarrier communication channels, with strong anti-interference ability. Each subcarrier transmits data in parallel to avoid channel congestion.


3. Mature routing technology and fast networking speed

Adopting mature network routing technology, each carrier module finds the best path for the data packet to reach the destination by executing the established routing protocol, and forwards the data packet without manual intervention.


4. Two-way communication, active reporting of alarm

CSMA / CA (Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Conflict Avoidance) mechanism is used to transmit data. Each node can actively send data to the concentrator to realize the function of actively reporting alarm information such as energy meter opening and equipment failure.


5. Large node capacity and wide application range

The main carrier module can manage a maximum of 1015 slave module nodes, which can be extended to DA monitoring, centralized monitoring of water, electricity and heat, and other systems to improve the utilization efficiency of the HES system and establish a shared communication platform.




1. Networking communication function

The slave BPLC module on the meter and the master BPLC module on the concentrator can communicate with each other with the power network. Each BPLC module has a unique address in the local network, which is used to establish a relay routing relationship. It can automatically join the network and accept the management of the master BPLC module without human intervention. The dynamic networking and real-time optimization of communication path can improve the stability of communication link.


2. Automatic relay function

When a relay node in the communication network is removed or fails, the system can automatically find a new relay node immediately.Each BPLC module in the network can work as a relay node to complete the relay transmission of information.


3. Online upgrade

Under the management of the master BPLC module on the concentrator, it can be updated by remotely with single point or multi-point batch upgrade at the same time.


4. Address correlation function

Each BPLC module has a unique default address in the network.When the module is installed on the meter, it will automatically read the meter's address and take it as the address of the module itself in the network.


5. Communication protocol

The UART serial port communication interface is adopted to communicate with the meter or DCU, support DLMS/COSEM protocol.


6. Display function

The BPLC slave module has two working indicators: RXD(green) and TXD (red) and indicates working status.



Reading Instruction




The DCU Master BPLC Module indicators

AMI BPLC Communication Module For Single Phase Meter Power Line DC2-PSZ1 1



Module power-on indicator LED, red, LED on means module is powered on, LED off means module is powered off. When the module is powered on, the power LED is always red.

T / R:

Module data communication indication LED, red and green. The red LED flashes to indicate that the module is receiving data, and the green LED flashes to indicate that the module is sending data.

A: Phase A sending status indicator LED, green, LED on means the module sends data through this phase.

B: Phase B sending status indicator LED, green, LED on means the module sends data through this phase.

C: Phase C sending status indicator LED, green, LED on means the module sends data through this phase.


The slave BPLC Module (for meter/repeater unit) indicators:

AMI BPLC Communication Module For Single Phase Meter Power Line DC2-PSZ1 2


Module power up:

RXD light is always on 8S

Read the energy meter address:

After the reading is successful, the two lights of RXD and TXD flash at the same time; when the reading fails, the two lights of RXD and TXD are always on.

Module networking:

The RXD and TXD lights are off at the same time when the networking is successful; the RXD and TXD lights are always blinking when the networking fails.

Receive PLC carrier data:

The module receives the carrier data and the RXD light blinks; when the module sends the carrier data, the TXD light blinks.




Could be used for smart electric meter, water meter or gas meter communication;

Or could be adopted in repeater or gateway instrument.




AMI BPLC Communication Module For Single Phase Meter Power Line DC2-PSZ1 3

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