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Advanced Smart Vending Solutions AMI Energy Solution Willfar - AMI

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Price : Negotiable
Packaging Details : Carton Packaging Delivery Time : 30 days
Payment Terms : T/T Supply Ability : 2000 per day (based on the number of the order)
Place of Origin: Changsha, Hunan Brand Name: Willfar Information Techonology Co., Ltd.
Certification: ALL APPLICABlE Model Number: Willfar-AMI

Detail Information

Color: White Material: Software Solution
Brand: Willfar Information System Management: Smart Meter
Communication Channel: PLC/RS485 System Basis: HES System And MDMS System
Working Time: 24 Hours Main IP: IP Address Of Host
Main Port: Listening Port Of Host
High Light:

energy management solution


vending machine solutions

Product Description

Smart Vending Solution Advanced Willfar AMI Solution Willfar-AMI


Company Profile

Willfar Information Technology Co., Ltd.
- Established in 2004;
- Listed on the STAR Market of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in December 2019;
- Leading supplier of meter reading (AMI) equipment and operation service;
- The first company to develop "One DCU Reading Multi-meter" solution in China;
- The first company to have large-scale application of technologies and systems like "CPU smart-card Charge and Control", "One DCU Reading Multi-meter", LoRa-based RF Communication and "District Metering Area (DMA)”

- AMI is a complete power network processing system for measuring, collecting, storing, analyzing and using user's electricity information. It consists of a smart meter installed at the customer's end, a measurement data management system located in the power company, and a communication system connecting them.


- The smart meter in the AMI can record the user's various power usage information according to a preset time interval (minutes, hours, etc.), and transmit the information to the data center through the communication network, and according to different requirements and purposes, such as user billing, fault response, and demand side management are processed and analyzed; information can also be sent to the meter, such as requiring more data or online software upgrades to the meter.


- AMI provides customers with complete measurement solutions, from metering, terminal, communication to data acquisition, processing, analysis and control, comprehensive metering and interconnection complete solutions.


- The overall goal is to provide a complete end-to-end solution to support the application requirements of the AMI project. The system was designed to support large-scale home metering systems covering applications such as MV/LV distribution, industrial and commercial areas, industrial parks, village or villa areas, buildings and single buildings.


- The system can assist power companies in processing of meter data collection, power supply changes, tariff switching, meter management, and power supply, as well as a set of solutions to integrate different types of energy metering equipment such as water, gas, and heat.


- The solution consists of metering equipment layer (electric meter, intelligent terminal), communication layer (NAN &WAN), Data center Application layer (HES, MDMS, CIS/Billing…), Service layer (Customer center, Portal, Filed work order….).

Advanced Smart Vending Solutions AMI Energy Solution Willfar - AMI 0





1. Accurate metering, automatic meter reading helps customer increase the revenue, reduce meter reading and operating costs, avoid data missing or incorrect recording in traditional manual meter reading


2. Multiple billing methods, multiple tariff rates, prepaid management functions, provide users with more choices of electricity prices and services


3. The integration of multiple communication technologies has improved the success rate of data collection; also reduce the communication cost


4. Anti-tamper technology at the equipment layer and system level to effectively protect the revenue of the power company


5. Built on Open Standard: Multi-system integration, unified data provided by power companies, unified application portal, and improved management efficiency


6. Fast fault location and recovery, reduced incident reporting


7. Provides network level load measurement and system navigation, which will help utilities assess equipment health, optimize asset utilization and extend equipment life, optimize maintenance and operational management costs, accurately locate grid faults, improve grid planning, and identify power quality issues to detect and reduce tampering


Components of AMI System


1. System application layer:

- Software:

(1) Head-end system –HES

(2) Meter Data Management System –MDMS

(3) Optional system: KMS, NMS

(4) Utility Applications system: CIS/Billing, Asset, DMS/OMS, GIS, WFMS etc

(5) Database

- IT Hardware

Database Server, Disk Array, Web Server, Application Server, Security Module, Router, Firewall, PC etc.


2. Network Layer

(1) WAN Network:

DCU & meter uplink communicate with HES system with GPRS /3G module

(2) NAN Network:

DCU communicate with the meter nodes via the PLC network or RF Mesh Network


3. Metering layer:

- Data Concentrator (DCU)

- PLC/RF Repeater unit

- Single-phase smart meter

- Three-phase smart meter (DC, CT, CT/VT)

- User Interface Unit (UIU)





Advanced Smart Vending Solutions AMI Energy Solution Willfar - AMI 1


- Asset management, meter and related assets management (such as concentrators, etc).

- Customer management, user data involved in the system, etc.

- Data aggregation and processing (mainly receiving data from the HES system).

-Tariff management, such as Time-of-Use, step tariff, etc.

- Monitoring, analysis and processing of events, anomalies and alarms.

- Power outage and restoration management.

- Communication network analysis and management.

- Comprehensive electricity analysis.

- Load analysis.

- Line loss analysis.

- Customer demand analysis.

- Interface with third-party systems (CIS, SAP, BILLING, HES, etc.)


2. HES

Advanced Smart Vending Solutions AMI Energy Solution Willfar - AMI 2


- Automate your customer processes data collection, change of tariff, blocking of customer installations etc to the greatest possible extent, bill related to actual consumption, and use short billing intervals.


- Implement various tariff models (several registers for active energy supplied/imported, time and/or load-dependent switchover) and acquire data on supplied/imported reactive energy. This ensures the greatest possible flexibility with regard to product design for an energy supplier. Optionally ripple control functionality can be introduced by using an independent load-switching device with integrated clock timer and two-way communication (changing of switching programs, spontaneous switching operations).


- Record the capacity utilization of individual line sections and transformers in order to optimize maintenance intervals, minimize line losses (e.g., by moving breaking points), and obtain additional data for planning expansion of the power network.


- Minimize down times by acquiring and diagnosing errors.


- Integrate small, decentralized energy generation plants into the distribution network for billing and automation purposes.


- Record and document the customer supply at the point of supply (in the meter) for the purpose of providing evidence and for planning the power network.


- Acquisition of all consumption data for electrical energy for tariff customers and special contract customers;


- Remote disconnection of customer connections (prepayment services, limitation of the maximum power consumption)


- Load-switching possibility for tariff and special contract customers.


- Recording and documentation of the quality of supply (meter: voltage tolerances, short-term failures, long-term failures; Power Quality according to EN 50160 through data concentrators in the transformer stations)


- Creation of an open communications platform for the integration of meters for other energy carriers/media (gas, district heating, water) and additional services (Home Automation) can be integrated.


- Recording of unauthorized power tapping and manipulations on the terminal devices (such as meters) Tele-control acquisition of the transformer stations and the distribution network infrastructure


3. DCU

- File management and status maintenance.

- Execute the task list from the HES system.

- Collect register data of the meter periodically and store it locally.

- Monitor alarms of meter and concentrator itself and push to HES.

- Provide Interface to the HES system for data exchange.

- Provide transparent access from the HES to the meter.


4. Smart Meter

Advanced Smart Vending Solutions AMI Energy Solution Willfar - AMI 3


- Billing the power periodically and store it in the load profile, protected with non-volatile memory.

- Record power quality event such as power loss, overvoltage, under voltage.

- Record grid status and alarm information.

- Remotely downloadable scheme for tariff rate switching.

- Remote or local connect/disconnect


Communication Architecture

Advanced Smart Vending Solutions AMI Energy Solution Willfar - AMI 4


Communication Interface

Advanced Smart Vending Solutions AMI Energy Solution Willfar - AMI 5

The two way communication of the AMI system mainly supports the following types of information:


- Device registration

- Operation parameter configuration, such as serial number, address, scheduled task, etc.

- Business parameter configuration, such as time tariff rate, metering billing scheme, etc.

- On demand reading, time synchronization, remote relay control, etc.

- Scheduled data reading (upstream based)

- Remote upgrade firmware (downstream)



For residents and large amount users, commercial metering purpose;

For traditional manual meter reading transit to smart metering (automatic meter reading) scenario;

For clients required demand management.

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